Los Angeles Architecture Tours: Chiat/Day Advertising Agency, aka the “Binoculars Building”: Frank Gehry with Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, 1985-1991.

One of the most atypical and memorable buildings in Los Angeles is the Chiat/Day Building, commonly referred to as the “Binoculars Building”, by Frank Gehry. It is a commercial building designed for the Chiat/Day advertising agency, located at 340 Main Street in Venice, just a few blocks away from the Pacific Ocean.

The exterior of the Chiat/Day building features three visual components: a white, ship-like structure to the north; a brown and abstract, forest-like structure to the south; and the massive binoculars sculpture in between that functions as the entrance. The binoculars were actually designed prior to the Chiat/Day commission as a collaborative, unrealized project with Claes Oldenburg and his wife Coosje van Bruggen, known for their Pop Art sculptures. Gehry kept a model of the binoculars on his desk, and when unsure of how to complete the Chiat/Day building, he placed the binoculars on the project model between the white and brown buildings and so became the “Binoculars Building”.

The pedestrian entrance to the Chiat/Day building is behind and to the side of the binoculars, while the vehicle entrance is through the gap between the binoculars -an ode to the automobile in Los Angeles. 

The Chiat/Day Binoculars Building is seen on the LA Highlights Tour

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